Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I go 'balmy' for lip balm!

Hi guys!

First of all, who loved the pun? 

Today I thought I’d write a blog about lip balm, thatessential item every girl has wherever she goes. When I was younger before Idiscovered my love for lipstick, lip balm was my go to product but even now Ibelieve behind every good pair of lips is a good lip balm!

Firstly I have had a revelation… Wearing a thick lip balm atnight is the perfect remedy for chapped winter lips! I have found myselfreligiously piling on my ‘Strawberry Crush’ lip balm by Rose & Co everynight over the last month and each morning I wake up with soft, smooth lips. Ibought this years ago from House of Fraser and it’s been rather unloved as it’sso thick it lasts on the lips forever and doesn’t seem to ever sink in, that’swhy I began to use it at night which allows the time for it to work its magic!I love the packaging and it smells lovely and fruity so it gets a thumbs upfrom me!
Next is trusty Vaseline! I indulged in the cocoa butteredition as it just smells so delicious! However I am unpleasantly surprised (boo)because it just doesn’t seem to do anything for me! The texture is very oilyand thin so instead of sinking into the lips I feel it just rests on top ofthem, doing nothing… So it doesn’t hydrate my lips but I think I’ll get use outof it on those days when I don’t wear any other lip products.
Finally is a Body Shop lip product, I’ve kind of cheated as it's actually a lip butter so I plead guilty before you set the beauty police on me, it smells amazing first of all! It’s a trademark Body Shop smell as it’s very sweet and girly, it's really soft and nice on the lips and the colour appears more as a sheen than a white.

Let me know what you guys think if you have any of these and what your holy grail lip product is!
Becky xox

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