Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Body Shop Beautifying Oil Review

I wanted to take the time to write and review this dry oil from the Body Shop, I bought this in the scent "Morninga" as it's one of my favourites from the Body Shop. It smells just like the other products from the range, which is a beautiful, flowery, fresh and sweet scent. Very feminine and just down-right gorgeous. 

I've been using this oil in my hair, I run it through the ends of my hair before I sleep and leave it in overnight. After washing my hair the next morning I can really feel the difference, it really leaves my hair feeling smooth and super shiny! I try to only do this once a week so my hair doesn't get addicted!

I've also been using this on my legs and arms as in London the water is "hard water" and is drying out my skin, using this is a great way to give my skin the intense moisture it need. Again I only use it before bed because it being an oil it does take a long time to sink in and I just can't be dealing with that in the mornings! On the plus side my bedding smells great too!

Another way I use this is adding it to my evening skincare routine when I feel my face needs that bit of extra moisture. I will first dot my evening moisturiser (a little less generously than usual) on to my face and then get a few drops of the oil in my hands and massage both products into my face. By using both the oil and the moisturiser I feel it's more effective for my skin, doesn't overdo it by just using the oil and I feel it also helps the oil to sink in. I love doing this at the moment, feels like a real treat and my skin in the morning is so soft.

Overall I think this product is great, really moisturising, smells amazing and very multi-purpose! Thumbs up from me!

What products are you loving at the moment? Let me know in the comments!

Becky xox

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Feelunique Haul and Mini Reviews

Hello you!

I really felt recently that my skincare routine needed a bit of an update, what better way to do it than splashing out on a feelunique order?

I LOVE feelunique and I thought this little extra touch in the packaging was really lovely so had to show you guys. They always have great offers on and there was a 'pay day 10% off' when I went on so how could I resist? The products were all securely kept together under wrapping film so none of the products moved around in the box and wouldn't get damaged. Delivery was also super quick so thank you feelunique!

From left to right I bought;

Caudalie Beauty Elixir £11.50
La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water £4.70
Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre £13.35
Garnier Skin Naturals Caffeine Eye Roll-On £10.20

Firstly the Caudalie Elixir - it smells weird. Sorry but it does, I'm not exactly a fan of the smell but it isn't unbearable and despite this, it feels great on the skin. Really refreshing and I love using it before moisturiser, it feels like it helps my moisturiser sink in.

La Roche-Posay Thermal Water I have only used once so far but it felt lovely, really refreshing and hydrating for my skin. I feel slightly like I've given into a bit of a gimmick-y product but you don't try you don't know eh!

The Embryolisse moisturiser I haven't actually used yet as I still have to finish my current Body Shop moisturiser but I will update you!

My favourite of the lot so far... Garnier Eye Roll-On, this feels incredible. I have been on placement since January and these early mornings aren't only making me miss uni, but are making my under-eyes look darker. I thought this would be a nice little step to add to my routine and boy am I glad I got this, it feels so refreshing and cooling. I can't see a difference in my under-eyes yet but I am hopeful and am very much enjoying using this product.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, what skincare pieces have you purchased recently?

Becky xox

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Breville Blend-Active Review and delicious healthy smoothie recipe!

Hi guys!

If you read my last post - ‘I am going on a journey’ - you will see I have been trying to be healthier, I bought the Breville blender as I thought it would be a great way to gets loads of fruit and veg into my diet so easily! Ordered it off Amazon and a few days later it arrived, I have been hooked ever since and used it everyday! Keep reading and you can see a delicious recipe...

My review of the Blend-Active blender;

The design is very aesthetically pleasing, it is lightweight and dynamic, the colour is also a lovely fresh green so will go nicely in any kitchen. It is very simple to use and everything it claims to do, it does! It has no problem blending ice and frozen fruit/yoghurt, blends in seconds and is so easy to clean! The only thing I would say is you do have to break the fruit and veg into small pieces for it to blend quickly, or if you're lazy like me you have to blend it for longer but that's such a first world problem eh! At £20.00 I couldnt be happier with the purchase.

Delicious and healthy green smoothie;
- an apple
- almond milk
- a banana
- frozen blueberries
- half an avocado
- spinach
- frozen yoghurt

So I started with the fruit and frozen yoghurt (just a full fat Activia yoghurt I had in the freezer, I use full fat as your body knows how to break down real fat better than it knows how to break down the fake stuff used in "0% fat" yoghurts) and threw it all in with the almond milk. Adding the liquid first helps it all blend easily.

Blended that all together and got this:

Added the spinach and avocado and VOILA! An incredibly healthy and delicious smoothie jam packed with nutrients and vitamins. In case you were wondering, the veg flavour is not powerful at all, the yoghurt and fruit make it delicious but you get the secret power of veg without even knowing it!

The perfect post gym treat!

Hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have any healthy smoothie recipes you love, please let me know!

Becky xox

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I am going on a journey.

Hello lovely readers,

I have recently decided to change (or try my best to change) my lifestyle. I have been doing lots of research and speaking to my Auntie - who is a yoga and nutritional goddess - to gain more knowledge on what i'm eating and what is and isn't good for my body. My body is a temple and all right? I am also going to be trying way harder at the gym, I have always enjoyed the gym but recently feel like i'm in a gym 'rut'. I will be trying new and more difficult exercises and really pushing myself.

This isn't going to be a long post but I wanted to mark my decision and motivation so that maybe one day I can look back and thank myself or look back and regain motivation to carry on. Here are some of the aspects of my life I want to change:

- reduce my processed sugar intake, untill doing more research I never realised how bad for your body processed sugar is and when you find out, you can't help but
want to make changes!

- reduce my wheat intake, generally aiming at bread and pasta as these are very processed foods.

- eat more fruit and veg, the standard one, we all know we should but I am going to make a conscious effort to do this from now on.

- massively reduce/cut out the fatty foods I eat (except for good fats, i'm talking to you avocado)

- work harder at the gym.

Maybe writing these down will create some kind of self promise, some affirmation of what I want to do.

Let me know if you are trying a similar journey or have completed it! Any tips would be much appreciated!

Becky xox