Sunday, 5 May 2013

Essie Nail Polish Review

So here's a confession, this is my first ever Essie polish (where has it been all my life?) but yes, what a way to start off! So I finally found myself in Birmingham where the Superdrug has loads more brands than the local one I have and made my way to the Essie stand that was calling my name. I'd longed for Essie's Fiji for ages and it is easily now one of my favourite colours of all time!

The colour is a very pale off-white pink and perfect for spring/summer time, the formula is amazing, two coats and you have the prettiest opaque colour! The brush is large and makes it easy to apply and finally it rarely chips and lasts very well on my nails. So it is a massive winner for me.
Commence the long list of Essie colours I now most definitely need!
Let me know what you think of Fiji and what other colours you have or want.
Becky xox

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