Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Arabian Adventure

I recently went travelling to the Middle East, which is an area I would never have thought of visiting however I currently have family over there and the opportunity arose so I couldn't say no! Here are a few photos from my adventure, hope you enjoy!


Camels crossing the road! *insert crossing road joke here*

Delicious food!
I got henna and loved it, all faded now though :(


Lobby of the hotel we stayed in <3

"Arabian Nandos" lunch on the floor
The 'banana village' with my momma

Lifts have mirrors for selfies, right?


My future car outside Dubai Mall
Amazing aquarium!
Burj Khalifa

Dancing waterfountain
View from the top of the Burj Khalifa

On this trip I met amazing people, ate delicious food and saw incredible things. So grateful I have had the opportunity to visit this part of the world and get a different perspective on the cultures I saw, there really are beautiful people and things all over the world.

Becky xox

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Get Voluminous Hair

I recently saw a picture of myself from behind, oh dear, was not happy with how my hair looked at all! So recently have been working to get more voluminous hair, focusing especially on the roots. Here are the products that have been working for me!

Here is the Schwarzkopf (that took waaayyy too long to type) styling extra volume mousse and the Label.M resurrection style dust, these products have been giving me the lift and volume I want!
I apply the mousse to wet hair and focus around the roots and higher parts of the hair, I then blow dry my hair and tease the roots as I go. The mousse leaves your hair feeling really natural, as if no product is there which I love! I could leave it here but to ensure the volume lasts all day I throw a bit of that magical dust on there too. 
With this product I just lift up the top layers of hair and sprinkle a tiny amount on to the root and ruffle up that hair 'till I'm 2 inches taller! 

What tips and tricks do you have for voluminous hair? Let me know! 

Becky xox

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Get that fresh face feeling!

We all have those times when our face feels groggy, cloggy and just not clean! These three products are the perfect solution.

First up is the Neutrogena visibly clear exfoliating wash. This has tiny blue particles that exfoliate the skin gently and leave the skin feeling smooth and clean, it is my current daily face wash as the exfoliating particles are so gentle.
Next is the No. 7 beautiful skin hot cloth cleanser. I got this as I wanted to find an alternative to the Liz Earl cleanser, it came with a muslin cloth however now I use face cloths from Primark which work just as well! Now this product is truly lovely, it is so smooth when you rub it onto your face and when you rest a warm cloth over your face it feels so relaxing, I thoroughly enjoy using this product in the morning and evening when I want a really clean and fresh face. P.s my skin doesn't feel tight after use yet slightly moisturised - win!
Lastly is my Super Facialist by Una Brennan brighten and refine facial scrub from the rose hydrate range, these exfoliating particles are a lot rougher but perform their job perfectly, the smell of this is unreal (in a good way) and I use it when I feel my skin really needs a good scrub!

Sometimes I use all three together when I'm going for it but any product on their own still makes my skin feel great!

Hope you enjoyed the post and let me know how you get your fresh faced feeling.

Becky xox

Saturday, 16 August 2014

My 'Go To' Summer Make Up - Make It Up

Hi guys!

This is the first post in my 'Make It Up' segment, you know how everyone has WOMF or 'Whats On My Face', well I wanted to switch it up a bit and with help off friends have created the name 'Make It Up' - let me know in the comments if you like it!

So the other day I wore this look for a day out with the boyf and thought I'd show you how I made it up ;)

Here is the finished look!
Finished look with flash.

Here is my base finished.
Ta da! All done.
Showing off my flicks

Okay so here are the products I used:
-Bourjois healthy mix foundation radiance reveal in 53 - with a Real Techniques buffing brush
-Shu Uemura concealer in medium beige - with a Real Techniques contour brush
-17 brow pencil in natural brown
-My now brown, clear mascara from MUA to brush through my brows.
-Shu Uemura lash curlers
-Rimmel glam eyes professional liquid liner in black
-L'Oreal false lash telescopic waterproof in black
-I contoured with Bourjois 'chocolate' bronzer in 52 - using a Real Techniques blush brush
-Rimmel stay matte powder in translucent - with a brush from with unknown origin....
-Finally for lips Revlon matte lipstick in 003 mauve it over (love that name)

Hope you enjoyed the first of the segment and seeing what products I used! Let me know in the comments what you thought and what's your summer essential make up?

Becky xox

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Garnier Moisture Match Review

I was going to wait till I finished my current moisturiser, I swear, but obviously I got too excited and bought a new one! Recently I've noticed oilier skin in the t-zone area so thought I would try out the mattifying fresh cream by Garnier.

Firstly the packaging, its pretty standard, I like the colour and its easy to use so can't complain. Unfortunately thats as far as my praise goes, don't get me wrong it's not bad, it's just not great either! The texture is lovely and the product sinks into the skin well but it just isn't very moisturising or mattifying! Overall I would say it's a nice product and I will finish the tube but don't think it will be repurchased!

Have you tried this and what do you think? Would love to hear!

Becky xox