Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Get Voluminous Hair

I recently saw a picture of myself from behind, oh dear, was not happy with how my hair looked at all! So recently have been working to get more voluminous hair, focusing especially on the roots. Here are the products that have been working for me!

Here is the Schwarzkopf (that took waaayyy too long to type) styling extra volume mousse and the Label.M resurrection style dust, these products have been giving me the lift and volume I want!
I apply the mousse to wet hair and focus around the roots and higher parts of the hair, I then blow dry my hair and tease the roots as I go. The mousse leaves your hair feeling really natural, as if no product is there which I love! I could leave it here but to ensure the volume lasts all day I throw a bit of that magical dust on there too. 
With this product I just lift up the top layers of hair and sprinkle a tiny amount on to the root and ruffle up that hair 'till I'm 2 inches taller! 

What tips and tricks do you have for voluminous hair? Let me know! 

Becky xox

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