Sunday, 10 August 2014

Garnier Moisture Match Review

I was going to wait till I finished my current moisturiser, I swear, but obviously I got too excited and bought a new one! Recently I've noticed oilier skin in the t-zone area so thought I would try out the mattifying fresh cream by Garnier.

Firstly the packaging, its pretty standard, I like the colour and its easy to use so can't complain. Unfortunately thats as far as my praise goes, don't get me wrong it's not bad, it's just not great either! The texture is lovely and the product sinks into the skin well but it just isn't very moisturising or mattifying! Overall I would say it's a nice product and I will finish the tube but don't think it will be repurchased!

Have you tried this and what do you think? Would love to hear!

Becky xox


  1. I wasn't overly impressed with this product when I bought it either!

  2. Loved your honesty! I tried another product in the Moisture Match range and loved it! Strangely though, I haven't repurchased, I think it's because there are plenty of other products that do the same thing out there! :P

    Here's my review if you're interested!

    Bryony x

    1. Thank you Bryony! I will have a little read and maybe buy that one next! I know theres just far too much choice!

      Becky x